To Applicants: It is very important to read carefully and follow all the steps on how to be admitted as a new student of the Ifugao State University.


Applicant must fill out the online registration form. Please enter correct and honest information being required to minimize the chances of your application being rejected. (Uploading of necessary and required documents needed for the admission such as Form 137, Good Moral Certificate,PSA/NSO Birth Certicate and others can be done after submitting your application for admission. If submitted successfuly, you will be able to login on the student portal (visit login page here) and start submitting required documents by uploading digital copies. All documents to be uploaded must be in PDF or JPEG format.)

Note: There is a cut off of schedule for online registration. In case you missed it, the only option left is to personally visit our office during enrollment days. See List of Enrollment Schedules Per Campus Here.


The Office of the Registrar will assess the qualifications of the applicant based on the information provided.

Once Completed

  • An email and sms containing the Applicant's verification code and a link to the Status Page will be sent. The Status Page will serve as a guide where progress of applicant can be monitored.

Once Approved and Verified

  • The applicant may proceed to login on the student portal (visit portal link here) and on the student portal dashboard the applicant can create his/ her own schedules from the available class schedules prepared for the current period.

If Denied

  • An email will be sent to the applicant containing the reason for his/her denied application. Applicant may email the Registrar at [email protected] or visit their office personally for further verification or information.


After being notified of "Approved and Accepted" in Step 2, accepted applicant is required to settle the fees or down payment. The designated applicant reference number will have to be presented in settling fees.


After completing Step 3, applicant is required to submit original copies of the documents (the same documents that have been uploaded in Step 2) to what campus you would like to be admitted:

The Ifugao State University is operating at 6 satellite campuses in the province of Ifugao.

Department of Registrar and Admission Services (Lamut)

Ifugao State University

Nayon, Lamut, Ifugao 3605


Department of Registrar and Admission Services (Lagawe)

Ifugao State University

Pob. West, Lagawe, Ifugao


Department of Registrar and Admission Services (Potia)

Ifugao State University

Potia, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao


Note: It is recommended to send your documents through a reliable and fast courier to facilitate faster completion of this step.

STEP 6 - FULL ACCESS TO AIMS (Academic Information Management System)

All successful applicants who have been confirmed are granted full access to the Academic Information Management System (AIMS). The applicant can use his/ her login credentials to open the portal, if in case the apllicant forgot his/ her account password, he/ she must request personally from the Office of the Registrar or send a request email at [email protected].

Payment Scheme

The payment scheme is covered by an "Undertaking", and students are assumed to have consulted their parents before choosing their mode of payment. This "Undertaking" assists parents in budgeting their children's tuition over a semester. For more information on the "Undertaking", email at [email protected].


*Incoming First-Year College Students

  • SHS Report Card
  • SHS Certificate of Good Moral Character

*Undergraduate Transferees

  • Transfer Credentials of Honorable Dismissal
  • True Copy of Grades
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from Last School Attended

*All Graduate Students

  • Transfer Credential or Honorable Dismissal
  • True Copy of Grades of all College/ Master's/ Doctoral Studies

*Common Requirements (Graduate and Undergraduate)

  • PSA/ NSO issued Birth Certificate (Photocopy) and Marriage Certificate for Married Women
  • 4 Passport Size ID Pictures
  • 1 1x1 ID Picture
  • 1 Long White Folder

Please prepare all required documents needed before filling up the registration form.

I have read and understood the steps on how to register as a new student of the Ifugao State University.

Proceed to Registrar Office for Registration